Brief Introduction of AA-STS Membership and Annual Meeting Sponsorship

AA-STS Membership

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP: 25,000 USD per Calendar

  • Two participants per organization are invited to the Annual Meeting (registration fee waived).
    Other benefits include:
    • Access to restricted participant's area in the STS forum's website;
    • Name of member organizations introduced on the screens in the venue and in the related publications during the Annual Meeting;
    • Priority on booking of rooms for bilateral meetings on the Annual Meeting site;
    • Invitations to special events and programs of the STS forum;
    • Priority on seating and roles at AA-STS events;
    • Opportunity to become a lead sponsor or a regular sponsor of the Annual Meeting.

  • Sponsorship

    LEAD SPONSOR: 100,000 USD per Annual Meeting

    REGULAR SPONSOR: 50,000 USD per Annual Meeting

    Sponsorship is to support the two and half day Annual Meeting at the STS forum, and all process will be done at the STS forum in Tokyo. Please contact for more details.